Thursday, 26 January 2017

How to Get Cheap Flights to Delhi

There are 100 of flights from the US to India every day. If you want to get the cheap flights to India, try booking from the major international airport. The best options are: booking cheap flights from Los Angeles to Delhi or getting the cheap flights from San Francisco to Delhi as both Los Angeles and San Francisco are the major port of entry.

Accordingly, here’s the way to begin your search for the cheapest flights to Delhi from San Francisco or Los Angeles.

1. How to begin your search

You may not depend on one single website to buy the cheap tickets to Delhi, India. It all varies as per itinerary. The bottom line is to check for multiple websites as much as you can. Browse the search engines to get the best deal.

2. Buy directly with the airline

If on the search engines or travel websites, you are getting the cheap flights from San Francisco to Delhi or cheap flights from Los Angeles to Delhi at the price (+ - $25 to + - $50) similar to the Airline website then it is always better to buy directly from the airlines’ website.

This way you have more leverage when it comes to cancellation and itinerary change. The travel websites are usually of no use when it comes to cancellation and itinerary changes. Moreover, sometimes Airlines may present you with the big discounts and you can grab the instant deals displayed on the airlines’ websites.

3. High prices during festive seasons and holidays

Air tickets are sold at high prices during holiday season (summer, Christmas time etc.) The key to getting the cheap flights to Delhi from Los Angeles or cheap flights from San Francisco to Delhi is to plan and purchase in advance. You can have a cheaper ticket by booking the tickets 5 plus months in advance. The closer you are to your travel date, the more likelihood of a pricier ticket. Airlines sell the cheaper tickets farther from the travel date. So, you can have a very good chance of getting a cheaper ticket even during the travel season or holiday season, if you plan well in advance.

4. Human Travel Agent vs. Website Travel Agent

Some travel agents have personal relationships with airlines and may help with itinerary changes and cancellations in a smoother way than a travel website. However, a human travel agent is not helpful and much different from a travel website until you know him personally. A human travel agent may provide you a lot of benefits. But for this, you have to travel a lot and book tickets and hotels through this one agent all the time.

5. Which airline should one choose?

Some flights tend to be cheaper than others due to the route on which they fly and their origin country. Airlines from China are cheaper than European Country and you can get cheap flights from Los Angeles to Delhi with such airlines and from San Francisco too.

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