Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How to Save Money on Flights When Travelling Between Doha and Los Angeles

Recently, the creation of one of the world’s longest flights has been announced in the month of January 2016 which flies between Los Angles and Doha. The flight duration of this non-stop flight is around 16 hours and 25 minutes. However, the non- stop flights are the costliest. Instead of long-haul flights, you can get cheap airline tickets deal from Doha to Los Angeles by booking the connecting flights.
  • Connecting and Direct Flights

Direct and Connecting flights take longer time depending on the layover destination as you choose while booking your ticket or as specified by the airline. However, you can get the best airlines tickets deal from Doha to Los Angeles by booking connecting or direct flights. Fastest one-stop flights from Los Angeles to Doha take around 19 hours. 

So you can save a lot of bucks just by investing 3 – 4 extra hours. This also gives you the chance to break the journey at no extra cost and makes it more bearable.
  • Bring your stuff on the long haul flights to save money

You might be worrying about the 16-17 hour of long flight duration. You can pay extra for a meal, for sleeping materials etc. on your flight. However, you can save money if you can manage to bring your own sleeping materials, food, and other stuff for your entertainment.

This way you can get yourself a comfortable and cheap flight from Los Angeles to Doha.
  • Take the help of travel agent

It may sound an outmoded advice. However, sometimes travel agents have special discounted rates that are not accessible to the public. But it is advisable that you must first research for the cheap flights, present the information to them. They will certainly offer you some help.

This is especially a cost – savvy trick if you are looking for the best airline tickets deal from Doha to Los Angeles. A specialist agent can advise you on things that you won’t pick up yourself from the internet and help you get cheap flights from Los Angeles to Doha.

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